ScrollUp (<b:scrollUp />) since 0.8.5

<b:scrollUp> create a customisable 'Scroll to top' feature that will work with any website.

Basic usage

By default, ScrollUp is placed on the bottom right corner without any image or text. It is basically a link to scroll up to the Top of the page.

Using the attributes, you can setup link text or distance between display the item. In addition, using a custom CSS, you can fully customize this component. The reference to the CSS id selector is done with the "name" attribute, as displayed in the example

And the related css section (note that name is the css ID selector)

Note You can change the background image size directly, setting the background-size property using a CSS3 selector.

Reference section

Attribute Default value Description
animation (none) Animation type: Fade, slide, none.
animationSpeed (alternative writing)
0 Animation speed (ms).
distance 0 Distance from top/bottom before showing element (px)
easing (none) Scroll easing (see
from (none) scroll direction: 'top' or 'bottom'
image (none) Set true to use image. (Must be set in related css).
name (none) Element ID
overlay (none) Set CSS color to display scrollUp active point, e.g '#00FFFF'
rendered false Boolean value to specify the rendering of the component, when set to false the component will not be rendered.
speed 0 Speed back to top (ms).
target (none) Set a custom target element for scrolling to. Can be element or number.
text (none) Text for element, can contain HTML.
title (none) Set a custom <a> title if required.
trigger (none) Set a custom triggering element. Can be an HTML string or jQuery object