Integration with OmniFaces

BootsFaces loads many small CSS and JavaScript files. So it's a good idea to combine it with OmniFaces. In particular, we recommend to use the CombinedResourceHandler.

Note that we didn't run an exhaustive compatibility test yet. However, nobody's ever reported us problems with BootsFaces and OmniFaces.

Add these lines to your Maven pom.xml file:

To activate the CombinedResourceHandler, add a <resource-handler> to the faces-config.xml file:

Caching version of the CombinedResourceHandler

Caching can add a lot to your page's responsiveness. You have to add a few lines to the web.xml file to activate and configure caching.

Download the PrimeFaces Bootsstrap theme, add it to your application's lib folder and activate it in the web.xml like so: